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Poseidon Shipping & Trading Company is one of the world’s leading carriers of project cargo with special expertise in out-of-gauge, heavy-lift cargo. 

No other carrier is better suited to provide you with unique alternatives to shipping those products which cannot be containerized due to size, weight, or configuration.  Poseidon professionals are at your service to help you choose the right vessel, equipment, stowage, and routing for transporting the most complicated projects quickly and damage-free.

Most liner vessels around the world today are cellular, full-container vessels.  These vessels are perfect for cargo that fits neatly into a standard 20’ or 40’ container.  However, most things do not fit into standard packages.  

Poseidon vessels range from 2,000dwt to 30,000dwt, with lifting capacity exceeding 400 metric tons for a single lift.  All vessels feature box-shaped holds with adjustable ‘tween decks, and are configured solely for the transportation of heavy-lift project cargo.

Once your cargo is booked on a Poseidon vessel, your personal Poseidon representative will keep you updated on arrival ETA, cargo status at receiving terminal, sailing details, twice-weekly position reports, destination ETA, and status of cargo at discharge port.   We believe that the voyage is not complete until well after the vessel’s arrival in port.

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